Kevin White
Leadership Consulting

I help with :
  • Freedom
  • Alignment
  • Leadership
  • Addiction

I work with technology and business leaders to uncover their true potential - positioning them to support their teams in future growth. Our work creates space for personal growth by addressing fears and increasing vulnerability to maximize communication.


I've learned to turn my struggles into superpowers using my Faith in God and therapies discovered during the healing journey. Fully stepping into my true and best self through practiced acceptance and self-love, I've experienced transformation in many areas of my life. No longer a procrastinator, I have an increased amount of energy, improved communication, and overall greater love for life. Throughout my childhood, I thought that it "wasn't safe" to be my true self, so I became who I thought it was safe to be. Voted shyest in my graduating class, I went on to a successful career in data science only to realize I wasn't fully living the life God intended me to live. Today, I am on a mission to anyone who is interested in being their true self; believing in the potential of anyone who is engaged in personal growth, knowing that the payoff is exponential and often beyond our expectation.